I’ve highlighted here some strong trends for 2019 web development, programming and professional profiles for IT area.

A new year begins, and at this moment it is important to start with the right foot, for you who do not want to stay behind the news and tendencies, it is essential to be aware of all the trends pointed out as potential engines of dynamism and differentiation in the technology market. So, I bring you guys some of the latest trends for the coming year that deserves attention:

1 – Ascension of programming languages

It was taken as a trend for 2018, and as expected, some programming languages will continue to rise as programmers’ preferences in 2019. Some of which are:

Java language, which is heavily used in the corporate environments and already carries a well-structured and mature libraries, is likely to remain at the top as the most widely used language.

However, it is worth to mention the clear growth of the preference with a huge range of programmers by JavaScript, both on the client and server side. A lot of it is considered the ideal language for those who are interested in the development of interactive web pages, and that is supported by the main types of browsers.

PHP also deserves its place in the sun, because more than 80% of websites use PHP. It has always been one of the strongest languages, and with the upgrade to version 7, coming with many changes that will significantly improve performance, and reduced memory usage. What was seen was a strengthening of its functionality and increased use by developers, creating expectations for the next versions.

Another important language that is also worth mentioning is Python, which is considered a trend also a long time, despite having more than 30 years of existence, is still a good request, especially in big data applications and machine learning. This happens a lot because it is considered a language that is easy to understand and develop with.

2 – PWA and Chatbot

PWA is the acronym for Progressive Web Apps, it has appeared a long time, nevertheless only got attention when it began to have a greater interest in the behavioral analysis of the online clients. PWA is a software development methodology that is based on JavaScript, CSS and HTML, and the goals are to facilitate the interactive process of the user with the platform, as well as the involvement between both, which directly implies the sales matters.

Chatbot, which are basically extremely versatile text interfaces. Although not necessarily something of 2019, in recent years a growing evolution has been identified, especially in 2018 with chatbot based on neural networks and artificial intelligence, showing a significant contributive importance in the area of virtual communication.

3 – One Page website

The unique pages are another latent trend of web development for the year 2019, because more and more users are looking for simplicity and ease of searching / obtaining information within the virtual environment. Absolutely any type of difficulty encountered by the user, whether in unnecessary redirects or browsing problems, can be considered as reasons for abandonment and give up of the purchase.

So these single page applications, where all the information is exposed to the user assertively, cleanly and completely, has become a trend for web developers. For the next few years, a UX design work within that direction will make unique page websites deliver results successfully.

4 – Big data

I know it may sound pretty cliche to talk about this, since big data has been commented on as a trend in the last 10 years, but reaffirming it as a trend for 2019 is inevitable, because you can not not recognize the importance of the data.

The wave of collecting large amounts of data by companies from various sectors is increasingly common, whereas many of these companies are not quite sure what to do with all this data. Hence the need for professionals who know how to work in this context, therefore, data-driven management should continue to consolidate as a trend in the coming year.

5 – Blockchain

It has become a hot topic in the area of technology, functioning as a kind of ‘accounting book’, that is, a technology that allows the registration, validation and verification of transactions. Very well known for its application behind Bitcoin, this technology is in a tendency to export to other possible contexts, such as healthcare, for example.

It is worth to notice this trend, since it allows a complete record of the circulation of the data, resulting in an increase in the issues of safety and reliability.

6 – Mobile Only

With the change in the form of interaction and communication in the digital universe, mobile internet access has become considerably superior to the desktop. Precisely for this reason, responsiveness to the most varied devices has become a mandatory factor.

This is so that we can keep the website in the best usability conditions, within the trends of digital marketing, as well as to comply with the principles of search engines like Google for example.

Comscore, in its article Global Mobile Report, reports data from 14 different markets (US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, China, India, Indonesia and Malaysia), which demonstrate how  has been a substantial increase in people who spend much of their digital time through the mobile environment, brings other information that supports the argument of Mobile Only as: ¼ of the users only use the mobile environment; the use of certain types of applications make the online investment time exponentially leveraged; the female audience tend to be more mobile only, among others.

So we can say that there is an evolution from Mobile First to Mobile Only, exactly because the development strategies now only focus on the mobile, since the interaction in other screens, desktop, is minimal. Much because of the almost natural evolution of the usability of mobile devices in the day to day of the user, considering now that it is exactly in this mobile environment that all marketing communication with the consumer occurs.

Increased attention is needed to this mobile user niche that will tend to grow naturally over the next few years, so much so that it is already strategically common to identify a reversal of web planning.

What was previously thought fundamentally from the desktop version to the mobile, today, one already sees the planning in the mobile for the desktop as something rationally more logical, in the sense of avoiding possible errors and adjustments during the development of the project.

7 – More open qualification

One factor that is also valid to stand out is the constant requirement of more open qualification of the professionals of the area of development, a few years ago it was enough to have knowledge in programming language to be able to develop good projects, already today what is observed is a potential need for knowledge in programming, statistical and business logic.

This does not necessarily mean that the developer has to be a manager, but only that he must be a professional capable of interacting with other professionals in different areas, to the extent that he can adapt and develop his projects more assertively for the business of a company.

8 – Modular pages

It has been a real ‘hand-in-wheel’ for developers, since with very little effort and knowledge in code, it is possible to generate website with interesting design. With this technology, all you need to do is choose the appropriate module for your project, add the content of the project and finally, publish the final result on your website.

The three factors that make modular pages interesting are: adaptability to the actual needs of the client and programmer; flexibility and agility in the delivery of the final result. It can be said that these are the main elements that characterize the year 2019.

9 – Animations

Trend that has already gained a lot of strength in recent years, and will continue to grow in 2019 are the lively elements. This is because today, to differentiate themselves, websites tend to go beyond the standard of structures, images and texts ready.

As exaggerated as it may sound, a simple element of animation can be a decisive factor for the user to be able to understand the information of a website in a faster way, while identifying the important points highlighted, that is, what one has to offer and that if you want the client does not let go unnoticed.

10 – Secure Pages and WPO

This concerns the loading of http pages, since, since 2018 browsers have started to notify if the website is safe or not, that is, if they have the ssl certificate installed.

WPO, Web Performance Optimization, is another trend of more technical level that has grown substantially in recent years, it concerns the loading speed of the website, therefore, an indispensable element in the planning and development of the website would be the optimization of it , so that the page loads coherently, preferably in the shortest possible time.

WPO is important for two fundamental reasons: benefit to SEO, since Google necessarily wants fast pages; and usability, since on the other side of the relationship, the user also has the same yearnings.

We here at Scriptcase will keep an eye on all these changes in the web market and we will carefully evolve with our tool in the same direction, under the command of a technical team that has more than 20 years of experience with the web market.

By 2019, we will continue to implement mobile resources so that the Scriptcase-generated system automatically becomes 100% mobile friendly and also enhances reporting BI tools. Integration with external web services and APIs will also receive considerable attention from our development, as well as features that bring security and performance benefits.

If  you still do not know, Scriptcase an efficient web development low-code platform. It helps you to create complete web systems and Business Intelligence solutions fast and easy!

Are you ready? Get started with scriptcase today!


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By , Graduating in International Relations, I studied Information Systems. I have experience in the field of technical support and programming in Python. Currently I work with international marketing in the commercial department of Scriptcase.

January 9, 2019


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