When hiring a hosting plan, either to a website or application, you need to consider some important points, especially those related to security. It is common to find users who are concerned only with the service itself and leave out important points that also need to be considered in hiring.

Security when you hire a hosting plan, is guaranteed almost entirely by the provider, it just cannot be guaranteed in its entirety by not having autonomy over the site or application that is showing, in this case the responsibility is shared with the contractor. But what is relevant to hosting shall be willing for it to ensure the security of all hosted information.

It comes to web hosting, security of files and e-mails is key. The accommodation must provide a safe environment, free from internal and external intrusion. The data center must be safe both from the system point of view and from a physical point of view. An effective system logs and the use of preventive and contingency plans are key characteristics of good web hosting providers.

When it comes to application hosting, worth the same rules of the site plans, with the difference that the preventive and contingency plans should be more robust. Recurrence with each of these plans is executed and the response time are important changes that will ensure more security by the contractor. In addition, backups policies embody the differential of a good plan in such cases.

Security problems are more common in providers that do not have adequate infrastructure, so the main rule for those who want to minimize the risks is always hiring companies that already have market recognition. The difference in prices, negligible in many cases makes it performed hiring a hosting that often does not have the appropriate structure. The lack of security is a risk, but the biggest problem will only appear after a similar invasion or action effectively to happen.

Thus, when hiring a hosting plan it is necessary to question, search and analyze all risk scenarios. For each point raised, the hired part, if actually offers a safe environment, will have all the answers ready.

Another important point is a conversation with customers that already use the company’s services to be hired. Discussion forums and even the corporate profiles on social networks can accurately reflect the quality of the type of service that is provided.

The research work can be arduous, laborious and even painful sometimes, but it is of paramount importance. This is justified if we consider more advantageous to invest time and effort in choosing the hosting rather than give off that same effort solving the most serious problems after the contract plan. The negative impact will be much greater in the second scenario – the first will be virtually nil.

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October 27, 2015


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