The most precious thing that a development company has is information. Either the processes or solutions created internally, any type of information has value and is often quantified in monetary value. A relevant information can be sold for a considerable sum in a competitive market like that and the loss of data can cause a significant adverse impact to the business. Analyzing this risk scenario is that these companies are increasingly investing in IT security.

Conceptually, IT security refers to all process and policies that focuses on preserving sensitive personal information unauthorized within an organization. This means that certain information must be governed by rules and strict procedures to be accessed.

IT security – specifically the security of the Internet – has become a major concern of companies and organizations recently. According to statistics, 112 universities in the US reported data breach in 2007 – it was an increase of 72.3% compared to 2006. 48% of data breaches in US universities in 2009 were due to employees, which include breach of confidentiality, fraud, data loss and lack of knowledge about the place where important data were saved. 8.1 million US residents were victims of identity theft in 2007, representing 3.6% of all adults in that country. The total amount lost in this manner was $ 45 billion. The average shortfall for company that suffers a data breach is more than $ 6.3 billion each violation.

Despite the chaos scenario, all of these complications can be avoided with well-defined security policies and routine validation . In such cases, the IT cell is responsible for all such validations to ensure that policies and safety routines are being met. The idea that the scenario presented is far from the reality of some corporate environments, makes these falling into neglect, and then the problems begin. Many of these companies underestimate the need and the importance of IT.

Freelancers and small development companies also need to protect their intellectual property and their information. The market development is one of the most targeted by those seeking information – and researches are able to prove it. Therefore, investing in security should be priority in corporate environments who want to anticipate possible attacks and intrusions, internal and external.

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October 29, 2015


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