The importance of the leader in project development is all the same as the role played by the project manager. The leader is the one who coordinates all the activities in the project. This person ensures that all steps are followed one after the other to have the system as it is supposed to be, and plan or schedule on the time for the activities and how they should be carried out. In every place, time management is an important factor that can contribute to the success of any work. The same case applies to the projects they require careful time planning.

The leader presents the project members in the meetings. They ensure that every project member has the right in knowing what the system is supposed to work on. It is the work of the leader to come up with all functionality of the system. This requires serious commitment and enough experience with other successful projects.

The leader comes up with rules and laws to be followed while working on the project. This is because the project involves a lot of people and the chances of conflicts coming up are high. The rules always guide the member on how to conduct themselves in the process of working on the project. If there are conflicts among the team members, the leader should get to be able to solve problems as first as possible.

Finally, the importance of a leader in project development is to be responsible for the project as long as it is in their hands. One cannot be a leader and is not responsible for what one lead. Therefore, the leader of the project is always the one responsible for any problem that gets to the system while being built by the team members.

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July 25, 2013


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