Conflict always comes about in a workplace where different people work together as a team. Although teamwork can be the best way to achieve a project because a lot of people help come up with great ideas, teamwork at the same time can lead to a lot of problems amongst the team members. As long as people are working together as a group there is always a high chance of disagreement because the people have may be bad thoughts about the other person.

There are steps in handling conflicts in development teams that ensure the conflicts are solved in a more civilized way. One of the parties should be willing to talk about it. since in any group there is a leader, they can include the leader to help them solve their problem. Sometimes if the problem is only between to team members they can try to solve it by themselves after they identify why they are having issues that cause them to be unfriendly to each other. The two people should understand one another’s the view and try to see if working from that view is of great help.

After the above steps in handling conflicts in development teams, one should also present their emotions as well to be in a position to help each other. If the dispute has divided the team into two, it is the work of the team manager to solve this. At this point, the conflict should be solved and the people involved should be feeling better about the issue they had not been able to come together. On these steps, it is very hard to be able to do them the same way. Some people can interchange them but eventually, they get the same results of doing away with the problems they may have been encountering before.

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July 24, 2013


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