Conversion can be considered the main part of an online advertising strategy because of her that the return on investment happens of websites, but what is the conversion? In general lines, conversion is an action that users must carry out within the site to generate a financial return from it. As an example of conversion can cite the following example:

  • An e-mail was sent;
  • A request for sales;
  • A sale from the website (E-commerce);
  • A download file.

Everything that is able to generate returns from a given action, that action is considered a conversion.

Thinking about it is that we can consider the conversion as an essential item on a website, without it the site becomes only a bunch of HTML pages with the purpose of information and it is often not profitable. Even for a site that depends on the content, the conversion can be seen from the reading of certain information or access to the websites generated from that same content.

But more than financial returns, conversion serves as a kind of guide to strategy and even for the development of the site in general. The types of content, the way the pages are architected, and how to communicate with the user depend on the conversion to be worked. These items will persuade the user to it and it is the effective return on what was invested.

Therefore it is important to keep in mind that a site with well-defined conversion tends to have a much easier to reaching a certain result. Then do a test, if you have a site on air think about what is a conversion for you and make sure your pages and content direct its user to do it and if needed a reformulation, the faster you identify and focus on your site’s conversion more quick return will come.

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October 28, 2013


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