The long Microsoft, one of the largest technology companies in the world, developed a type of database that could be easily used by those who had lower demand in the question database and storage, MS Access. Installed along with the Office suite, MS Access could be easily used by any programmer who needed a lightweight database and functional. Using the VBA language (Visual Basic for Applications) any programmer, even the most inexperienced, could use it to store and manipulate data in a very simple and fast.

Speaking a bit about the history of MS Access, it actually begins in 1995 when version 7.0 is released with Office 7.0, now relying on a programming environment and with features that include replication of the database and the possibility of working in a database offline that could then be synchronized with a central bank.

In March 1997 is released then the version 8.0 with new features that have focused mainly use the internet, this version would be able to write HTML documents and hyperlinks in the records. In 1999 Microsoft releases version 9.0, also known as MS Access 2000, with support for OLE DB and the relationship with corporate databases, and in 2002 a new version now enter the air bringing language support XML.

The 2003 version, which is today considered one of the best, brings sophisticated solutions, integration with browser is even greater than the VBA language, the XML markup, the language is still used in the SQL query tables.

MS Access can be used in different situations, small businesses end up adopting as a means of data storage because of its low cost. Developers end up opting for MS Access when you need a lightweight database, especially cheap and that can respond well to tasks of low complexity as screens and query registration, for example. Some medium-sized companies also choose to use, but as demand increases there must be an exchange for a different type of bank that have greater resources, mainly processing and security.

If you are a programmer and will opt for MS Access can use it along with ScriptCase, our development tool easily connects to your bank and with that you will save time in development. Want to know how? Visit our page Database MS Access with PHP and learn how ScriptCase can help you get much more results!

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June 21, 2013


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