PDCA refers to an interactive management method that businesses use for the effective control and improvement of products and processes. PCDA is also known as PDSA. PCDA stands for plan-do-check-act. PDSA stands for plan-do-study-act.

The Plan aspect involves establishing processes and objectives that are necessary in delivering expected results. Failure to plan is planning to fail. This famous aphorism highly applies in this aspect. Establishing an output expectation is an important part of planning. It goes miles in helping achieve targeted improvement. If possible, it is advisable to start small.

Do is the other element of PDCA. It involves a systematic process. This process is implementing a plan, executing a process and making a product. Individuals ought to collect adequate data that is used in analysis and charting.

Check involves studying the actual results. These results are collected and measured in the ‘DO’ part. Here, a comparison of actual and expected and actual results is made. What individuals should be looking for is a deviation in implementation. In addition to this, individuals should also look for completeness and appropriateness of a plan in order to execute it effectively.

Finally, there is the ‘ACT’ part. Here, a request is made for corrective actions especially on the significant differences that arise between planned and actual results. An analysis of these differences is made. The root causes of these differences are established. After all this, it is paramount to effect changes where necessary. Changes include improving products or processes.

There is no doubt that PDCA is an incredible tool to effect change and achieve awesome results. Individuals in management ought to use it to the maximum. It surely brings with it incredible results. One of its best attributes is the fact that it is very easy to use and apply.

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June 21, 2013


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