Designing a website sends a considerable advance planning. You not only have to decide what will be your audience and what to include on the site, but also will have to plan how to present this information there. Planning your website is the most important step. Without a good plan, your site may not be successful, which means, at worst, no one will visit it. Ask yourself some important questions and develop a plan based on your answers will help you create a successful website.

First, you must determine the purpose of your site. Before you start to create it, you should ask the following questions:

“Why am I creating this site? What I want people to do or know after visiting my site? “

It is essential to identify your main goal and then keep that goal in mind as you design your page. If you are creating a website for business, make sure to get advice from everyone involved in the project and the decisions on the content.

“What is the public who wish to achieve?”

You must decide who will visit your site and then plan a space that attracts these people. To focus on your audience, ask yourself some more specific questions. Which is the formation of your friends, your family or your customers? What age groups are represented? What are your interests? What they do?

What information will I share with my visitors?”

Much information is available about you as a person, your business or organization, or about your topic. Determine what information you want to make available to its visitors. Be very careful when determining what information you do not want to share. The best way to decide what you want your site is to look at other websites.

“Which information do I desire to obtain from my visitors?”

The Internet is a great resource, both to give and to receive information. You need to decide whether just want to share information with those who come to your site or also want to get information from them, for example, opinions about your site or customer information.

“How much will invest on my website, from development to maintenance?”

The more complex the site, the more time and money it consumes in its maintenance.

With simple questions it is possible to have an overview of what is needed for a site can go live and stay. Moreover, it should also be monetization point of discussion. Affiliate programs like Google Adsense, for example, where the website owner is paid for clicked ads can be a great option.

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February 2, 2016


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