QR code is the short form of Quick Response Code. Simply put, it refers to a trademark for a certain type of a two dimensional barcode (Matrix barcode). QR codes boast of a number of uses. Some of these are website login, code payments, virtual stores, URLs, and in mobile operating systems.

Scriptcase allows for the creation of different types of barcode fields. This is especially true in form and grid applications. Currently, Scriptcase also allows the generation or creation of QR codes. This is in addition to the other eighteen different bar codes.

If you own a website, these codes can surely come in handy. By adding QR code and Scriptcase to your website, search engines will notice the changes. The engines will establish that you are updating your pages. By seeing a new image, the engine will go ahead and index the image accordingly.

Businesses whether small or large, can also make good use of QR codes. Clearly, these codes have countless benefits and can be used in a huge array of areas. By integrating QR code and Scriptcase, you will surely stand ahead of the pack.

Undoubtedly, QR code and Scriptcase remains one of the most powerful tools in the field of web development. Many people are employing this tool in their web development strategies and the benefits they obtain are out of this world. This tool supports a variety of databases. Consequently, it is able to generate highly customizable PHP codes. In addition to this, it enables users to have an easy time during maintenance. One of the best attributes about this tool is the fact that it is very easy to learn. Furthermore, users find it simple to use. Users will surely be amazed by its sophisticated nature in generating attractive applications that save time and increase profits. Try it today and discover the magic.

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June 7, 2013


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