Safety is one of the very essential aspects that the user should always pay keen attention when it comes to web development. You need to be aware of this basic fact right from the beginning of the project. You can leave the security to be an afterthought that is to be performed in the later stages. Let us discuss some of the key aspects pertaining to the improved safety during the developmental phase of the web applications. Safety Tips for web applications are listed below for user reference.

Do not ever trust the users

There is no rule of thumb to strongly rely upon this fact. Yet, it is most of the times true that you should not trust the users at any point of time. Keeping in mind of the fact that the entire user data could at any given day be malicious, is a better way to handle things.

Validation data available on the server

Data available in the server should be validated essentially. Do perform the client validation using the JavaScript. When you do it right from the beginning we can avoid a lot of problems that might arise otherwise.

Keep an eye on the files that are uploaded

Allowing the users to get their files uploaded to the servers is always a riskier approach. In case if there are image files, then check the sizes of the files. You can use the function getimagesize.

Securing the forms against the attack of bots

Yes, this is something very crucial to be borne in mind. Beware of the bots attack at any given time. Internet is quite vulnerable to such attacks on a large scale. Using captcha could be the ideal solution to prevent the spammer bots from disrupting the operations. Database usage permissions should always be limited. Such type of Safety Tips for web applications are to be followed strictly.

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August 9, 2013


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