Scriptcase is a powerful Web systems development environment, with incredible and useful tools that streamline any enterprise of software construction, so it is positioned in a privileged place taking into consideration cost/benefit variables.

Therefore, if we need fast, reliable and scalable developments, we will inevitably take the step towards Scriptcase. However, we cannot only count with this tool to achieve our objectives, above all. it is necessary good practices and a previous analytical base, so it is fundamental to begin the analysis from the most simple to the most complex.

Software development is a process, and as such involves well-defined stages that sometimes we want to jump, tempted by the ease of the fact that Scriptcase gives us quick results; So we must follow the ideal path, and basic documentation, analysis of the problem or the idea of systematization among all involved are fundamental for this. Also data flow diagram, table relation, standardization and general normalizations should not be missed.

So for successful, modular and easily expandable projects, we absolutely need a well-structured, well-designed and standardized Database with short, concise and mnemonic names of tables and fields; basic documentation of the desired modules, reports, interfaces, data models, among other elementary documentary of all software development, and that will somehow mark the success of our work with the tool Scriptcase.

  • If you work on a team, it is essential that the whole group is in tune with the project.

The key, as in any development project, is early and correct planning of the scope of the system, let us enumerate some basic questions:

  • Which database manager will we use
  • On what servers will we host the system
  • Who will use the system
  • Which tables will be updated using forms applications
  • What are the global and local variables
  • The project will be multi-language
  • Will we use the security module
  • Will we generate webservice
  • What are the types of reports through the grid application
  • What type of PDF reports will be required
  • What PHP classes or additional resources will we use
  • What is the development time for the project and what resources do we have

And so according to the type of project we will have our own list.

There is a group of definitions, prior to approaching a project, and it is not advisable to start programming without having everything clear, although it would be easy to obtain quick and colorful results in Scriptcase, otherwise we would be at great risk of having systems difficult to maintain and climb, so under no circumstances is it advisable to improvise, start slow and go safe.[

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May 17, 2018


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