Definitely understand what scriptcase is and what not, check out all the differences below.

What is Scriptcase?

  • Scriptcase it is a fast development environment with tools that facilitate the creation of software.
  • It is a project organizer and manager.
  • By having logical and systematized sequences for the creation of modules (applications) it is easy to maintain and understand, either by a development team or taking the post of a project already developed (including the ones developed by third parties)
  • It is an “assistant” with generic and logical processes, necessary in all software, so it allows to use these generic modules for a quick implementation of the “implicit” in every project, so it allows us to concentrate and focus on the specific processes of each project.
  • It is a PHP code generator, from a project in its development environment. Its work environment is based on a minimalist Web interface and fast access to productive tools and that’s where we do the development itself (locally) but to publish the system (put it in production) to a web environment (on a server) the modules must be generated (a kind of compilation) in individual folders structured under a generic and own logic; that finally generates “normal” PHP code that can be published on any web server that basically supports the PHP language and the Database that we use.
  • In essence, it is a data manager of master tables and/or management tables, and through its generic modules allows the rapid generation of basic options in any system management: High (insert records), Low (elimination of records), Modification (search and edit records) and Listings (reports, reports and graphics)
  • It is a licensed software but the license cost is accessible and if we analyze the cost/benefit variables, we will realize that the benefit is worth the cost, because, on simple words, it increases productivity by 80%.
  • It is a software created and maintained by an important company worldwide, so we ensure its continuity version after version.
  • It is a software with a lot of technical support, which allows, among other things, easy migration from one version to another, and even the rapid solution of problems through regionally distributed technical support.
  • It is a software that brings whole systems, editable, adjustable, functional and available for use that already solve certain aspects of some specific needs of sectors such as: content management, document handling, etc.
  • It is a software that allows the rapid creation of reports, queries and generation of graphs from tables or views of Database.
  • Being a Web environment software, it is multiplatform, also easy to install and put into operation in a simple way.

What Scriptcase isn’t?

  • It is not a CMS (Content Management System) like Joomla, WordPress and so.
  • It is not a PHP Framework, although it is used as a structured framework.
  • It is not a PHP code editor or HTML. Although it does allow the insertion / manipulation of these technologies in its work environment but exclusive for its own projects.
  • It is not a generator of web pages or mobile applications.
  • It is not a Database, but it allows the developer to connect to different Database engines in a transparent way.
  • It is not a “magic box” that solves all the problems inherent in the development of the software but it is certainly very close to being so, so it has its investment of time and work to use it correctly so that the development is as optimal as possible.
  • It is not an advanced report generator; it certainly has very powerful tools and options but does not pretend to emulate a report generator.
  • It is not an FTP client, but it does have a tool that allows you to quickly deploy a developed module via ftp.

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May 24, 2018


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