The results of mobile application are well known all over the world with this digital era. Mobile devices are now used by every person all over the world. They have applications, which have different functionality as programmed to be. One can install these applications to their phones or they can as well buy the phone with built in application. The best thing about this application is that they can be updated any time a new version is released.

On the results of mobile application, the world had moved to better place. For instance, one can get entertained from home. One is able to download a game that they can install in their mobile devices where they play and keep themselves entertained. Other application has allowed one to watch latest movies and videos on their screen at any place.

Mobile application has come up with improved features whereby if one messages another person they can send the message with a signature. This makes the other person know which person is tried to communicate with them even if they do not have that person’s number. Still on the text, one is able to block the person they do not want to talk to.

The other mobile applications that are highly used are the one with books for example the bible, dictionary, and other important books. This application has lowered the number of books one need to carry in their bags. The other result is that the applications have saved lot money, which could be used in buying of books.

The latest common application is the one, which updates one on the weather changes and the traffic on the roads in towns. This application has helped one not to waste any of their time by getting traffic instead one is able to avoid it.

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July 23, 2013


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