Usability is an approach that puts a user at the centre of the process instead of the system. It is a measure of the easiness to use a product to perform prescribed tasks. This is unique from the related concept of utility and likeability. A products quality is determined by its usefulness. It measures if the usefulness of a product can meet its goals. Utility is defined as the ability of the product to perform a task. The more designed a task is suppose to perform, the more utility it has. Usability testing is used to determine how easy it is for users to perform different tasks.

The importance of usability is the survival of using a website. It is a necessary condition in the website. If a website is hard and complicated, it portrays a bad picture to visitors. It allows you access information or work your way around websites with ease. For starters, it gives a visual design to data or information. The designers try their best to simplify content for users to understand even by having diagrams. It also helps users to understand web-based applications that are not even in their expertise. They use the application help guide to guide them through a decision making that could not be achieved on their own.

Web application users are more interactive than those of web pages are. These users enter data, sort it, rearrange, and move it back and forth. They might enter data incorrectly and decide to go back and change something. The usability dynamics enables them enables them use a mechanism called ‘undo’ where they can take what they had written before. When a website changes management, the users are resistant to change with it. If given the support and structure, they are willing to do it. So the designer’s job is to create a support to make it easier.

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June 19, 2013


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