What is the PMBOK? These are the initials that stand for Project Management Body Of Knowledge. This is simply a collection of knowledge and processes that apply highly in the field of project management. It provides information on the fundamentals or basics of project management. The type of project does not matter. Some of the different types of projects in this field are automotive, engineering, software and construction among others.

PMBOK recognizes a number of process groups and knowledge areas. To be specific, it recognizes five basic process groups and nine knowledge areas. The basic concepts apply to operations, programs, and projects. The five basic groups are initiating, planning, closing, controlling/monitoring, and executing. Processes usually interact and overlap throughout a phase.

There are various ways of describing processes. One of the ways of describing a project is in terms of inputs. These can be designs, plans, documents etc. Projects can also be described in terms of techniques and tools. These are mechanisms that are applied to inputs. Lastly, individuals can describe projects in terms of outputs.

As indicated, there are nine knowledgeable areas. Some of these are project integration management, project time management, project cost management, and project cost management. Others are project risk management, project procurement management and project communications management. Each knowledge area is made up of project management processes. For example, the various elements of project procurement are procurement planning, solicitation planning, source selection, and contract closeout and contract administration.

There is no doubt that PMBOK is a unique aspect of project management. In this field, some areas overlap with each other. Project management is a very huge and wide discipline. Some of the other areas that make up project management are organization behavior and financial forecasting. Individuals in the field of project management must make sure that they are familiar with all PMBOK aspects.

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June 19, 2013


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