This post is recommended for users who have an older version of Scriptcase installed, if you are installing Scriptcase for the first time please disregard this post.

Our new Version 8 is now available for download. We listed below the answers to the most frequently asked questions, regarding the installation and use of the new Scriptcase 8.

01) I have the version already 7 installed on my machine/server, can I use the same environment to install version 8?

Yes, only if your Version 7 is installed in an environment with the PHP 5.4, if so, we recommend you to do a manual installation for version 8 from using the compressed package .ZIP or .TGZ. The manual installation is quicker and simple you just need unzip the file to V7 environment inside the root folder (wwwroot) and then access Scriptcase via the browser to complete the installation.

02) I have a Version 7, or older (V4, V5, V6 …), which is not installed in an environment with PHP 5.4, what should I do?

If your version 7 (or an older version) is installed into an environment with PHP 5.3 or other, you will need to perform a new full install to have the version 8 running. This installation can be done from our complete package (Installer) or manually via the .zip or .tgz file. If you decide to full install manually you will have to configure an environment with all requirements for Scriptcase 8, PHP 5.4 is a fundamental requirement.

In the link below you can find the installers, separated by OS, and also the files .ZIP and .TGZ

03) How do I register my license on V8, should I use the same V7 serial number?

No, serials from previous versions cannot be used. A serial number can be registered only once, the Version 8 will need a specific serial number. If your upgrade period is valid, you will have to access your user area on the website and get your new license granted for the V8.

Visit the link below to access your user’s area, the license information (serial number and upgrade date) will be on the menu “serial”. If you do not remember the password you can reset it using the registered email, the current serial number or your login by clicking on “forgot my password”:

The serial are independent, this means that you can continue using the older versions’ serials normally. Our installation package is fully approved to operate in parallel with previous versions, it is not necessary to uninstall them.

If your upgrade period is expired you will not be entitled to V8. You can use our online shop to purchase the annual renewal ( or contact Sales Department (

04) Can I install Version 8 other separated from V7, in another computer/server?

Yes, versions can run together in the same environment, how also run in separate environments, with separate packages on machines can separate servers as needed. All you need is a web server (Apache, IIS, Sambar, Abyss, PWS, Xitami, etc) enabled to run PHP 5.4 Scripts and Zend Guard Loader.

05) What should I do to convert my projects from older versions to version 8?

The version 8 has an automatic converter, so you can update the projects from previous versions (V5, V6 and V7) using it. For the conversion you might have both versions installed on the same machine/server. To see the all the steps for conversion process please visit our tutorial:

Link to the conversion tutorial

06) How do I learn about Scriptcase?

We have in our site an extensive documentation: manuals, Forum, video lessons, webinars, tutorials and a basic course for free. Following some important links:


Live demo


To browse our complete FAQ click here:

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July 25, 2014


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