Automate processes has become a necessity that is independent of the type of business, even small businesses have this need particularly when analyzed from the point of view of production. Offices, for example, are great examples of this scenario, even with simple controls using an application that optimizes the process ends up being crucial.

The control processes such as accounts payable, accounts receivable and billing processes end up needing one application to control them. Manual control of these items end up opening a very large margin of error and when we think of office have to keep in mind that the whole financial control is important. For example, a bill forgotten and was not paid or a telephone bill may impact on loss results in these cases because of a power outage or phone and internet.

The market offers many simple options to resolve this type of situation, the famous programs in box, then why opt for a web application? The answer is quite simple. Who most often performs the controls of an office is the actual owner and it is common for them to work on the weekend. With a web interface is much easier to write down accounts, analyze billing information and receive alerts on any computer that has a browser installed or even the phone.

Law firms, accounting and administration are the ones who use this type of system. The agility they provide makes the investment worthwhile. And since we talk about investment, let’s talk a little about the development of this type of project.

Develop an application for office is very simple, many patterns and processes are repeated regardless of the type of business, obviously that one or another item needs to be customized and added to, but the core of the application ends up always being the same. So have a pre-project has developed and then perform the necessary customizations and implementations cheapen and expedite development.

If you use Scriptcase, with the resources available in the tool can quickly create a web application for office and sells it.

Want to know more about this and other advantages that Scriptcase offers? Then download the free version now and start today to enjoy the benefits of Scriptcase.

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July 8, 2013


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