What is PPC? (Adwords and other kind patrocined links). PPC is an abbreviation for pay per click. It is an online marketing strategy, used to direct traffic to websites. In other words, it is online advertising used on websites and search engines, including Google and Bing, where the advertiser pays only if a web user clicks on their ads.

PPC is a cost-effective way to get your site noticed by your target audience. Advertisers place bids on keywords or key phrases that they think their target audience or potential customers would type in a search field when they are looking for specific goods or services. When a web user types a search query into the field of a search engine that matches the advertiser’s keyword, the PPC ad is displayed on the page. In search engines, the ad may be displayed just above or to the right of the search results where they can be spotted easily. On websites, the ad may be displayed where the advertiser sees it more convenient.

To differentiate PPC ads from the search results, search engines place them under “sponsored ads” or “sponsored links,” which also makes them easier to notice on a page that is crowded with text and other items.

Search engine marketing is generally beneficial to both the advertisers and web users alike. Advertisers get noticed by their target audience and are charged only for the times that their ads are clicked on, while web users get to select from sites that may be relevant to the page they are viewing without having to deal with pop-up ads that flash and distract.

What is PPC? (Adwords and other kind patrocined links). PPC ads have helped to level playing field, as a small web-savvy company with limited budget, can outbid larger companies with a much higher advertising budget and gain the edge they need to get noticed in their market.

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July 8, 2013


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