Rapid Application Development is a method that uses rapid or abrupt development which is done concurrently with the writing of the program, this aspects makes it to be developed fast and gives room for development and altering whenever the requirements change.  A lot of explanation have been done on What is RAD and the reason why it is designed so but the probable reason would be that it provides the customer with quick software which are termed as prototypes, they are developed while they are still being written which gives room to identify the technological risks involved and correct them in the early stages of the undertaking.

RAD has four phases which include: requirements planning phase, user design phase, construction phase and cutover phase. The requirement phase is primarily consisted of combination of the system planning and analysis stage, the stage is more or less the planning stage of which the planning is done with the development underway and the team agrees on the parts that are going to be put in the software. After the authorization then the project can now take full course to it being actualized and developed efficiently and fast.

In the user design phase the developer basically views and chooses between the prototypes that are made by the analysts in order to analyze the effectiveness of each and may be select the appropriate model. The interaction with the prototypes helps the developer to understand the model and the design deeply to correct and analyze any risks. The construction phase involves the actual development of the real RAD, coding, unit integration, application development and the system testing is handled in this stage. The users similarly suggest the desired improvements and alterations in this stage as the reports are being written to help the program function better.

The final phase, the cutover phase, is basically entails the training and system testing as well as the implementation process of the system. The whole process is very compressed when compared with the traditional method thus cutting back the time that is required to produce a good program.

The shift from session based developments to session less developments ahs sparked the need to development of faster programs like the RAD, the shift has seen many programs filling the market. The RAD programs have the potential to provide the needed framework to develop good programs in the least time possible; the programs are of the best quality with customization benefits.

The development of this program requires feedback from the customers to avoid questions like What is RAD and how different is it from the traditional models, the users are filled in the development from the start to ensure that they ideologies are put in to play. The program is favored by many because it provides real time solutions to the situations that the user is paying, the time frame by which the programs are developed is also quite commendable. The development is focused on returning on the investment by providing valuable information of the company.

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August 27, 2013


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