Queues can be interpreted as logical problems solved with the help of a code that processes the items in sequential order. The first element to be included in the vector will be the first to be processed and resolved.

The standard acronym for queues is FIFO, which stands for First in First Out.

In PHP, you can work with rows using two methods of handling native language of arrays. Following we show an example of practical code, applying the concept of rows:

<? Php

$ QueueV = array ();

array_push ($ filaV, Value 1 ‘,’ Value 2 ‘);

print_r ($ queueV);

array_shift ($queueV);

print_r ($queueV);


In the example, the queue to be processed will be the array itself ($queueV). Once we created the queue, we se the array_push () method to insert the data sequentially. Each value passed in the method will be included at the end of the line.

Finally, the rescue of the first in line value ($queueV [0]) will be made using the array_shift () method. It is important to keep in mind that after use of the method, the array decreases in the number of positions as the first value is removed. Thanks to this feature the concept of queue can be applied.

In a simple and objective way, after inserting the values, you can process the first information using the array_shift () method, and these are removed from the processing queue – in this case, the array itself.

Programming logic that is very useful in processing information, since with few lines of code and using native methods of language is possible to solve really complex and high-performance problems.

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May 27, 2015


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