Let’s take a look at some strong tendencies in the web development field for 2020.

A new year begins and it is important to start off right, for you who want to stay up to date with the latest news it is essential to be aware of all trends that are pointed as potential drivers of dynamism and differentiation in the technology market. So, here they are.

1) Visual and Voice Searches

These research modalities have become increasingly used. In addition to being inclusive and facilitator, they help in the analysis and understanding of interests between companies and users. This means that those companies who can redesign their sites to support these types of searches will be able to gain competitive advantage measured in conversion rates, new customers and good satisfaction levels.

Between 2008 and 2016 voice search increased 35x more and it kept increasing in recent years! by 2020 the prospect is that 50% of searches will be done by voice instead of text. iPhone Crab, Android Cortana, Google Assistant, and Amazon Echo are not only driving the rise in voice search numbers, but they are also channels of familiarization that bring users closer to new technologies. In other words, their main role is to let the users get familiar and comfortable with this type of feature.

Source: https://www.wix.com/blog/2017/09/voice-search-changing-seo

2) Bots and Chatbots

We can say that chatbots are unquestionably the face of Artificial Intelligence and will undoubtedly influence all spheres of communication between humans. What we can identify today is the exponential growth in bot and chat development expenses than in traditional applications, which is because bots have the potential to change the way applications are created as well as the way how the process in the interaction between technology and users works. Gartner predicts that by 2020 about 85% of customer interaction processes will necessarily take place without humans.

 In addition, the use of bots causes a change in the work cycle of professionals, as it removes the need for standardized work such as basic Q&A interactions once they are deployed to chatbots. Besides that, deploying chatbots is a big saving for businesses as they can save money by hiring humans.

Source: https://dazeinfo.com/2016/12/15/chatbot-market-potential-adoption-2020-report/

But then again you might think, “Don’t customers prefer to talk to humans over robots?” To our surprise, according to Ubisend, 48% of consumers prefer to contact companies via live chat – which Chatbots play an excellent role – and according to the 95% really tend to believe that bots play a better role in the customer service process.

3) Versatile Professionals

According to Gartner, the hiring of IT specialists will tend to fall by about 5% over the next few years, because digital businesses today tend to increasingly need more versatile IT professionals. By 2021, 40% of IT staff are expected to be a team of versatile professionals.

4) AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated mobile pages – AMP is a trend that has been spurred on by Google for a while, the idea is to promote the need to develop websites that load instantly and run smoothly on mobile devices. Web pages that contain graphics, animations, videos and so on are intended to work in balance with the famous smart ads in a way that they can actually load instantly using the same code across a wide range of platforms and different devices regardless of the type of mobile device used.

To better understand, let’s take a look at how Google AMP works:

Of course, the idea of ​​loading pages instantly is extremely appealing, and performing this task is not exactly a simple task to develop. It takes a lot of creativity on the part of the developers to get real benefits from AMPs. Now one thing is for sure, they became much more popular by 2020 and you need to be ready anyway.

5) Internet of Things – IoT

It is a very popular concept in recent years and undeniably related to the web development process because every day more the internet impacts the most diverse instances of life. Almost everyone uses the Internet today and its use has developed a very strong dependency, to the point that most businesses and service providers can not exist without it.

According to Statista, by 2020, around 31 billion devices will necessarily be connected to the internet and this inevitably has a direct impact on web development trends. Although today there are not so many examples of websites and applications that actually use this concept in the literal application, it is unquestionable that it remains the focus of attention as the internet tends to constantly evolve.

6) User Attention

You’ve probably thought a lot about how to develop strategies that can captivate user attention for as long as possible, and that may have led you to a number of ideas that may or may not have worked.

The point is that with all the almost infinite vastness of the internet, captivating a user’s attention for a long time, or at least for the time needed to achieve the desired results, has become a very difficult task.

Just to be aware of this difficulty, there have been researches that proved that human attention is worse than a goldfish’s! Well, don’t believe it if you don’t want to!


One of the many strategies that have become popular is the use of Motion UI in order to hold the user’s attention for as long as possible. Of course, it is still possible to say whether or not this strategy is effective however, it has become a trend this year of 2020 and 2021.

7) Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence – AI

This issue can no longer be considered new, what it’s recognized is a growing increase in investment in the development of robots, especially those focused on safety.

So by 2020, robots will make a huge difference in cybersecurity around the world. According to Statista, companies around the world are expected to target investments of about $ 2.5 billion in the development of artificial intelligence with the focus of maintaining security and preventing cyber threats.


8) Single-Page and Static Sites

Single-page sites have been on a path of popularity for a while, but this year it has found its balance. Its structure consists of a single long page composed of the main elements sought by users, so there is no indispensable route or a very deep menu to cross. This site style offers a fast and objective response to user needs.

Single-page applications and websites can basically transition all content that needs to be loaded, without having to reload the page as well as without having to navigate from page to page. More technically this means that there is more code worked on client-side than on server-side.

Static sites, on the other hand, have similar characteristics and objectives. These are sites that load fast, can be built without major difficulties or costs. They have already undergone major developments over the years and will tend to be improved by 2020.

A static site is generally those that do not have management tools to make significant changes to content, ie ‘no modifications to the source code’.

9) End of Flash Player

This is not a new subject, but it should be the focus of special attention this year. Adobe has decided that Flash Player will never be updated or released after 2020. This player that was the most used for a long time should be deleted and replaced since it is no longer consistent with many mobile devices.

Resultado de imagem para adobe flash

We here at Scriptcase will continue to be aware of all these changes in the web market and will carefully evolve with our tool in the same direction, under the command of a technical team that has over 20 years of experience.

For 2020, we will continue to mainly implement mobile features so that systems automatically generated by Scriptcase become 100% mobile friendly as well as improving BI reporting tools. Integration with APIs and external web services will also receive considerable attention from our development, as well as features that bring security and performance benefits.

If you don’t know this yet, Scriptcase is the best and most efficient database-based web development tool on the market. A powerful PHP code generator for building complete web systems securely and quickly, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Download and try this amazing tool! https://www.scriptcase.net/download/

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By , Graduating in International Relations, I studied Information Systems. I have experience in the field of technical support and programming in Python. Currently I work with international marketing in the commercial department of Scriptcase.

January 17, 2020


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