SMS is the abbreviation of the term Short Message Service (or Service of Simple Messages)

The statistics at world level endorse it, and consultations with people related to marketing also give the same news: SMS is still an important channel of mass communication and the best is that’s effective and low cost.

The promotions and mass communication, or even personalized communication in a unidirectional sense, using in each case the base of subscribers, give very good results for a good viral marketing, although for this we must follow certain guidelines for a better communicative effectiveness adjusted to the environment.

Integration of SMS to Web sites

In addition to notices and promotions, the SMS service can be easily integrated into a website or even mobile applications: for the recovery of passwords, notices of transactions in bank accounts, subscription confirmation, among other things. And it is here that an important range of options and opportunities opens up, limited only by creativity and the need for communication in each case.

Let us take advantage of these advantages and think seriously about using SMS Marketing in our favor.

A point about this we must say is that, unfortunately, databases of cell phone numbers are sold to the highest bidder on the black market. From this blog particularly, we are totally against spam, but we emphasize that a responsible use of promotions and invasive communication could be even useful for mass business campaigns and sales, at low cost.

Some advantages

  • It reaches all mobile phone operators
  • Immediacy
  • Low cost
  • Concise and direct message
  • Cash 95% (the percentage of people who read it)
  • Integration with the web using APIS
  • Information and statistics of shipments and reception (according to the supplier)

Some disadvantages

  • Unidirectional
  • Up to 160 characters
  • Being massive may not reach the correct audience percentage
  • It can be sent to numbers that for some reason are inactive, so it’s a lost message

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March 28, 2018


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