Come check out all the new details for scriptcase version 9.4.027 !!

This week we launched our new version 9.4.027 and I could not help but take a peek at all the news and analyze the results of the changes implemented. Let’s get started!

JSON Exports

The first novelty is the JSON export available in the query which allows for the entire process of exporting data to become considerably faster.

In order to better contextualize what this improvement represents, first we need to understand well what JSON is. JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation and it is one of the most used for web communication. In general, this is a lightweight format for working with data and information between systems, and as you can already presume, lightness is directly linked to speed!

And let’s not stop there, lightness is not the only characteristic of this format, it is also super simple to read compared to others. Did you think the perks stop there? Of course not, it has a considerably easier parsing, it supports objects (it is typed!), and in addition to achieving greater speed in the execution processes and data transfers, the files are very small in size!

This is a very important advance for web development because JSON today is much more used in the communication of modern systems than XML.

Excel Exports Optimization

The second novelty was an improvement in the export process to Excel format (XLS, XLSX) with an update to PHPSpreadsheets.

PHPSpreadsheets is regarded as the successor to PHPExcel (today considered obsolete, although still widely used). It offers about 40% of export performance gain and much more than that, with it there was a substantial increase in the number of possible records in the archives, and when I say substantial I mean thousands (limits of 65,536 rows and 256 columns)!

With PHPSpreadsheets we can read and write several files related to spreadsheets:

Strengthening the RAD concept

As we well know Scriptcase is a RAD – Rapid Application Development tool, it is an iterative and incremental software development process model that emphasizes an extremely short development cycle.

Therefore, simplicity and speed are the main characteristics of the tools that follow this concept. To Streamline this option better there is a very useful new option in the interface for creation of the Scriptcase grid application; “Express grid creation + form“. That’s right, all this in seconds and with just one click it is now possible to create the relationship between both applications.

Also, it is entirely possible to edit the information on the Grid application.

Click & run / Create and experiment

This implementation is already self-explanatory! Haha, but in greater detail, the option “Execution after creation” has now been added in the creation of the Grid, Form and Calendar applications, so it is now possible to see the application running automatically after created!

Much more intuitive and intelligent when creating projects.

The last and no less important change was the modification of the traditional stages of project creation. The initial stages now have become much more intuitive and simple to be followed which makes the creation of your systems much easier, especially if you are a beginner in using Scriptcase.

The intention of this change was to prevent possible errors in the coding of your systems. In precise terms the changes are:

▪ We inverted the connection step

▪ Creation screen in full-screen mode

▪ Automatic charset identification

▪Optimization in the list of languages ​​and regional configuration

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By , Graduating in International Relations, I studied Information Systems. I have experience in the field of technical support and programming in Python. Currently I work with international marketing in the commercial department of Scriptcase.

April 30, 2020


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