Check the COVID-19 Monitoring System developed with Scriptcase to monitor the progress of coronavirus in Latin American countries.

We are currently facing a very difficult moment given the outbreak of COVID-19 which contributes to getting overload with information and data coming from everywhere. We know that the possibility of accessing this information plays a fundamental role in raising awareness, monitoring and controlling the pandemic. .

All information is disseminated in real-time and due to this, there is the possibility to carry out analysis of the numbers, develop preventive measures and redirect combat actions in a more assertive and effective way.

Therefore, we want to show how Scriptcase gives the solution to build complete systems quickly and intuitively to help work and visualize all this data.

Coronavírus Panel in Latin America (by Megadigital)

Despite having several sources with information about the situation of the coronavirus and its daily progress in the different countries of the world, we found none that follows news updates with the Latin American countries in this world pandemic.

For this reason, we created a panel that allows us to monitor the daily progress of confirmed cases of COVID-19 and, thus, contribute to the awareness of our people.

Our focus is on Latin America, but you can see the global panorama through the following websites:

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases

But how was this panel developed?

If you made it this far, you are likely to be a developer or at least interested in learning more about Coronavirus in Latin America and preparing the Daily Advance Dashboard (where we get the data shown and/or how we prepare the charts and indicators), so keep reading that we’ll show you in details the steps to get there.

– Let’s start with the most important thing: the sources.

Initially, we took one of the sources that we consider to be the main global source for everyone: Globals cases of Coronavirus – COVID-19.

This helped to have the history up to date(03/16/2020), but this source is not updated as often and due to this, our indicators would not contain the most recent information. However, it assisted as a basis for designing and populating the database that would contain the data to be displayed.

Even on March 16, we created the indicators of advance per day in the country for Paraguay and Uruguay, we also created one of the first charts, the Cases confirmed by country.

For this and future graphics, Scriptcase was used.

On 03/17, we continue with the other two indicators for Brazil and Argentina, and the last graph, Cases confirmed per day, manually updated the data for the day and published in the General Report, already shown above. In all, it took 6 hours of work from start to finish development, 3 hours a day.

– Keeping the Daily Progress Report Updated

Every day, the news of each Health Department was observed so that our Panel could be updated based on the data released. But as we could already imagine this would require a lot of time and work, it was essential to automate this process. For this reason, the search for other sources of data was started where it was possible to obtain information using JSON or CSV but ended up returning the initial source. It was then that it was decided to enter the world of Web Scraping.

Through web scraping, we started to collect information from the second reference site “Worldmeter” where it was possible to keep up to date with all the data globally. After filtering the information that should be used, a blank application was developed in Scripcase that runs a scheduled task every 10 minutes and updates the data automatically when necessary.

– JSON updated with COVID-19 progress data in Latin America

The idea was that anyone could use the information collected so that there was a JSON available that returns a record for each date and country in Latin America. Everyone could use the data to generate any type of statistic, report or whatever. considered necessary.


Currently it allows to receive three parameters:

 country -> Any of the 10 countries in Latin America can be nominated. 
 date -> must be indicated in the format: YYYY-MM-DD.
 order -> 1) sort by date and country and 2) sort by country and date.

Ex. 1: To obtain data for Paraguay, use the following URL

Ex. 2: To find out how many confirmed cases there were in Paraguay on 3/15/2020, use the following URL:

Ex. 3:To obtain Paraguay’s data in descending chronological order, use the following URL:

This was a panel assembled with Scriptcase, of course, it could be created in several other ways, but our idea was exactly to show the possibilities of developing solutions to help in this very difficult moment that we are experiencing.

What do think about the system developed? Do you have any suggestions, comments or constructive criticisms? Or maybe you are developing solutions of this nature too, do you want space to share your work with the community? So leave your comment or contact us and we will share experiences and grow together!

We wish you a lot of positive vibes, health, and safety at this moment, and remember, we at Scriptcase support the #Stayathome campaign.

Sources :

Coronavirus en Latinoamérica – Elaboración del Dashboard

By , Graduating in International Relations, I studied Information Systems. I have experience in the field of technical support and programming in Python. Currently I work with international marketing in the commercial department of Scriptcase.

April 7, 2020


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