A freelancer or a freelance worker is someone who is self-employed. He/she is not committed to any employer for a long time. They are freelancers who are sometimes represented by an agency that resells their labor. Others are completely independent also known as independent contractor. Freelancing is common in music, journalism, screenwriting, acting, editing. Freelancers are known to be the worse in time consuming since they have no hurry in rushing to work or having a supervisor following them around. Most of them have to go for training to manage their times.

Create a division between work and home. Set a spot in the house where if u sat there, you will have full concentration. Ideally, an office or a studio is much preferable. This will help you concentrate more on the projects. Another step, make sure you take off your pajamas. Wake up and make a routine as if you would be going to an office. Get a shower, dress like the one you are going to the office. This makes your mind set think right. Get to work on time. Make sure family and friends know that you have working hours just as if they do, even though you are at home. Keep at least relatively normal business hours.

In the middle of the day, avoid house chores. Do not do laundry, go to the movies, or even watch television. Occasional naps are encouraged to relax your mind and to remind yourself that there are no technical supports. Freelancers should learn how to multitask. One should handle more than one project. Create your own deadlines so that you can satisfy clients and give quality output. Most important recommendation is the avoidance of the social media networking websites. They are quit additive and cause destructions to meeting deadlines.

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June 20, 2013


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