Performance in Web Applications. The response time of a web application is very important, especially for the end user. In many situations the application will be used for a whole day by dozens of people and because of that the response time for requests from these users need to be minimized. Only that to achieve this kind of result is important to keep in mind that the development of this application needs to respect some basic items and optimization just so she will have the best response time, then let’s talk about some important points of this optimization:

  • Pages: It’s an item that few developers pay attention, but it has a great weight when it comes to performance. A poorly written HTML can generate unnecessary processing client, so use tableless to optimize this item;
  • Complements: Some items that should help to improve the application can disrupt enough. Ready components can often hinder the loading of pages for bringing scripts and other items that are not used, but will render the page compromising its performance. So if you’re going to use them make sure to configure them properly and use only what is necessary;
  • Images: This item is one of the most important, optimizes them is always essential because depending on the size of the application itself can take to display them to the user giving the impression that the application itself is slow;
  • Database: One of the key points of optimization is the back-end database, now the largest problems of web applications are database structures with disabilities in their modeling. A well-designed database helps a lot regarding the speed of response as everywhere consultation depends solely on your return and the more optimized it is, the less processing time and server response;
  • Server: This is another very important item of the back-end, get all hardware needs before hosting is essential. Many companies end up having problems with their applications precisely because a server that does not meet the specifications of the application developed, this combined with recommended programming practices do not cause the application to be slow and not respond satisfactorily.

Responsibility for the speed of a web application goes far beyond the server, a concerted effort needs to be made ​​for the application to get good results in the production environment. As we saw earlier, the development has a great share of responsibility when it comes to performance, so choose a development tool that provides all the factors of performance improvement in a simple and didactic is essential. ScriptCase, for example, mounts all the structure of HTML and programming optimally already thinking in situations that require performance, so it is one of the best options in the market. If you’re new to our development tool WEB visit our page right now ONLINE Courses and get started today to have a lot more results in its development projects.

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June 28, 2013


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