Work with GIS (Geographic Information System) applications are a strong demand in the web application development market, and developers with that knowledge are way more needed. Companies like vehicle tracking, security companies that work with the monitoring board, and a huge variety of companies will gerate this kind of demand. Anyone working with this type of project facilities know what Google Maps API provides, but the big problem is to understand the entire library that exists behind the features.

Google Maps has become one of the most simple and quick to implement any kind of application that involves location, it is possible to perform calculations of radius, distance and many other tasks that involve processing of this type. In addition to all this you can still work with all database and application functions of Google Maps, the map zoom effect is an example of what you can do with the Google Maps API. Despite all its functions, we again speak of the difficulty of implementing some items in pure API. Like most methods, if not all, are in JavaScript you need to understand all the documentation well enough to know exactly how to get certain information. The implementation can also be quite laborious if the programmer does not have a good grasp of JavaScript.

Looking at the above scenario, ScriptCase engaged the Google Maps API in your tool and simplified so that the programmer can work all items that the API offers the simplest, fastest and didactic. Understanding the work logic ScriptCase automatically already understood how it works with the Google Maps API. Projects that aim geolocation can be easily developed in ScriptCase enjoying all the agility and speed that the tool offers, it means time savings in development.

You can also use Google Maps ScriptCase in other types of projects. In a customer database, for example, where you already have the address you can automatically display the customer’s address in the registration screen, thus speeding up a possible field service. This type of form is widely used in system such as pizza deliveries and couriers, for example, is easier to know where to go with some visual reference as a map.

See some examples of applications with Google Maps on our sample page and if you still do not know ScriptCase know our tool through our free online course with PHP ScriptCase.

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May 19, 2014


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